Here are some nice things even nicer people have said about me.

Spencer Beuerle (Barkley)

“Joseph Spearman is a man of mystery with a subtle appreciation for words put together in coherent sentences. Not opposed to advertising cigarettes to children, he yearns for a simpler time when a camel named Joe was every 14-year-old’s role model.”

Zak Delange (Goodby Silverstein & Partners)

“Joey is like a Toyota Corolla with a jet engine inside.
That doesn’t make sense, but he’s pretty cool and definitely hirable.”

Nate Goodwin (VMLY&R)

“It’s like I made a friend and then found out that friend was an old man trapped inside of a young man’s body, which is exactly how I felt about myself, so it was really cool to have someone else to discuss how annoying the youths of today are.”

Johnathan Friedman (Wunderman Thompson)

“If you don’t know Joey, let’s just say, you're in for a ride. But let’s also say, it will be a smart, quippy, bold, smooth, well-written ride. He's a copywriter, so if you can imagine the ideal copywriter ride, that’s the kind of ride I’m getting at.”

Kat Ashenden (Zambezi)

“Joey’s a solid friend. He listens when I complain and I appreciate that.
Also, my dog trusts him, so I trust him.”