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Here are some nice things even nicer people have said about me.

Spencer Beuerle (Barkley)

“Joseph Spearman is a man of mystery with a subtle appreciation for words put together in coherent sentences."

Zak Delange (Goodby Silverstein & Partners)

“Joey is like a Toyota Corolla with a jet engine inside. That doesn’t make sense, but he’s pretty cool and definitely hirable.”

Nate Goodwin (VMLY&R)

“It’s like I made a friend and then found out that friend was an old man trapped inside of a young man’s body, which is exactly how I felt about myself, so it was really cool to have someone else to discuss how annoying the youths of today are.”

Johnathan Friedman (Merkley + Partners)

“If you don’t know Joey, let’s just say, you're in for a ride. But let’s also say, it will be a smart, quippy, bold, smooth, well-written ride. He's a copywriter, so if you can imagine the ideal copywriter ride, that’s the kind of ride I’m getting at.”

Kat Ashenden (Roadie)

“Joey’s a solid friend. He listens when I complain and I appreciate that. Also, my dog trusts him, so I trust him.”


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