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Hart House


As a new,100% plant-based fast food restaurant, Hart House had a lot on its plate. Sure, they needed to take on fast food giants like Mcdonald's and Burger King, but more importantly, they needed to change the way people think about fast food.


We were tasked with not just building excitement around Hart House’s new
Los Angeles location, but introducing the menu to the masses as the restaurant rapidly expanded.

Oh, and we couldn't use the brand's biggest asset, Kevin Hart. Like, at all.

To introduce our plant-based menu to the world, we launched an OnlyFans parody site called OnlyPlants. This fully-functional site positioned each menu item as a mouthwatering content creator with a fully interactive profile, chocked full of posts, images, and saucy videos. Users who interacted with the site, could even subscribe on each page leading them to a special offer to get their hands on the real thing.

See for youself at


The Tease

Leading up to the launch, we were a dirty little tease and sent out provocative messaging across Los Angeles to hype the new menu.
provocative signage told customers that a plant-free alternative was here. Next, we stole customers from our rivals by "Sending Foods" via Airdop to those waiting in line. Those who left the line received a free meal at Hart House. And finally, in the weeks leading up to the site's launch, we posted censored images of our lewd food, teasing the site.

The Reception

The campaign was a hit. The press even carried over to the grand opening of Hart House's second location with lines of hungry people stretching for blocks.

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